Quick Fix For Credit Card Payment Issue

Quick Fix For Credit Card Payment Issue

Sometimes, credit card processor or bank have special requirements such as space in zip code (or no space), company field empty, etc. and the processing of the order cannot be done using the regular “Credit Card or Debit Card” method.

We have a workaround that should fix the problem!

During checkout, fill all your information as usual, but instead of choosing “Credit Card or Debit Card”, please choose “PayPal” option :

After pressing “PLACE ORDER NOW”, you will be prompted to a PayPal page and you will need to select “Pay with a credit or Visa Debit card” :

In the next page, fill out all your card and billing information and then you just need to click “No Thanks”, confirm the checkbox and click “Pay Now” et voila!

We are very sorry about how complicated the process is, but sometimes banks/credit card issuers make it difficult to order from our website.